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"...take full advantage of the benefit of 'listening' to the vibration signal via the UVLA..."

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Matthew Fallow
Asset Quality Pty Ltd

"One of the best tips I can give any vibration analyst is to listen to the machine while you perform your routine measurements…. the Vitech UVLA is the ideal add-on to any vibration monitoring system".

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Jason Tranter
Mobius Institute

"The UVLA has been an invaluable tool in our diagnostic toolbox".

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Colin Gracie
Inspyer Ltd

The UVLA F-Pro is a state of the art universal vibration listening amplifier, designed to assist you achieve the best standard of predictive plant maintenance and condition monitoring for your machinery.

Grease and Gain Knowledge

Used with a grease gun to lubricate bearings, the UVLA F-Pro enables you to hear the greasing of the bearings in high fidelity, adding a whole new dimension of inside information.

a Powerful Dimension to Data Collection

Used with a vibration data collector, you can use the UVLA F-Pro to listen to vibration signals directly from the accelerometer whilst the data is being captured.

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Introducing the new Baseline UVLA,
Universal Vibration Listening Amplifier

For ultra effective monitoring of bearing condition and lubrication in rotating machinery.

Baseline UVLA F-Pro    Hearing is Believing

Vitech Reliability presents the redesigned Baseline UVLA F-Pro, Universal Vibration Listening Amplifier; state of the art, portable vibration and lubrication monitoring device to assist you to achieve the best standard of predictive plant maintenance and condition monitoring of your machinery.

The new Baseline UVLA F-Pro package from Vitech Reliability is delivered with:

  • 780C Wilcoxon Research accelerometer
  • Coiled sensor cable
  • Stinger probe
  • Grease gun adaptor
  • 1” rare earth accelerometer magnet
  • A choice of 2 head sets:
    Either a Sensear noise limited, high specification head set
    Or David Clark listen only headphones

* Grease gun not included

Specifications and more information

High fidelity vibration audio

If you use a vibration data collector or use a grease gun to lubricate bearings then listening to the sound of the bearing in high fidelity using the Baseline UVLA F-Pro package adds a whole new dimension of inside information and answers the following important questions:

  • How much grease?
    Over-greasing can cause serious problems such as overheating, damage to seals and in the case of TEFC motors, block up the internal cooling fans. Do you require a 10% fill or a 40% fill?  Do you even know your bearing's grease specification?  Ideally, you just need to know that the grease has reached the bearing and apply no more. This is easily achieved with the UVLA by simply listening to the bearing tone change as the grease arrives. This also confirms that the grease path is not blocked. The Baseline UVLA F-Pro package takes away the guesswork in machinery lubrication.
  • Unusual noises in the bearing?
    Vibration sources, such as knocks and scrapes are broadband in nature and are not easily seen in a vibration spectrum. So, by listening to the bearing you learn a lot more about the condition of the cage, or if seals are scraping, or a locking tab is brushing on another surface and the like!
  • Is your accelerometer cable damaged?
    The accelerometer cable is the part of your data capture system most likely to fail because it is constantly being flexed and twisted. It is quite possible for you to collect data for hours and miss the fact that there is noise being generated causing data corruption. Not if you have the Baseline UVLA F-Pro in operation! The earliest damage to a cable will be heard clearly in the headphones long before your data is corrupted and can therefore save you many hours of repeat work. With the Baseline UVLA F-Pro you’re continuously ensuring that the quality of the data being captures.
  • How can I interpret the sounds I am hearing?
    The high fidelity reproduction using the Baseline UVLA F-Pro makes it easy to interpret the sounds – from the smooth swishing noise of a good bearing to the grinding sound of a dry bearing to the noisy rattle of a damaged bearing. With a little experience your confidence is gained very quickly.

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