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Matthew Fallow - Asset Quality Pty Ltd

We have been using the Sensear noise-cancellation headphones and are now onto the 2nd generation UVLA. Apart from the headphones promoting good OH&S hearing protection, they allow us to take full advantage of the benefit of 'listening' to the vibration signal via the UVLA. The UVLA has proven very effective in ensuring quality data is collected and ideal for detecting lubrication issues.

Jason Tranter – Mobius Institute

One of the best tips I can give any vibration analyst is to listen to the machine while you perform your routine measurements. You can easily detect fault conditions that you may otherwise miss with a spectrum alone. At the very least it helps you prioritize your analysis work. The Vitech UVLA is therefore the ideal add-on to any vibration monitoring system.

Colin Gracie - Inspyer Ltd

We purchased our UVLA in 2005. As we are contractors, our UVLA gets used every week, and it works hard: paper machines, steel mills, gold mines some of the hardest environments out there. Yet our UVLA is still going strong and has never missed a beat!! We have been using listening devices since we started in 1981. Having quality access to hear the machine adds another dimension to our interpretation. The UVLA has been an invaluable tool in our diagnostic toolbox.


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